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Children, infections and antibiotics – Strama

The overuse of antibiotics and increasing bacterial reistance is a rapidly growing health problem and of global concern. To deal with this, educational outreach is important on a multidimensional level. The aim of this programme is to educate parents of young children about common childhood infections, appropriate use of antibiotics and resistance.

"Children, infections and antibiotics" is a parental educational programme that aims is to improve parental knowledege and awarness about antibiotics. The programme has been implemented by Child Health Centres (CHC) in Sweden, where parental education is an established part. The content is based on Swedish evidence based guidelines, but can easily be adapted to fit into other countries health care systems for children. In Sweden parents are invited when their children are about 10 - 15 months.

Programme content

  1. PowerPoint presentation (PowerPoint-dokument, 7,4 MB) of 20 slides. Download and save it on your computer. It is then possible to adapt content for local needs. We recommend that the program is displayed with a projector. Alternatively the slides can be printed and displayed manually or via overhead projector.
  2. A manual (PDF-dokument, 3,0 MB) to you as a group leader with  background data and facts for each slide. You will also find pedagogical advices and suggestions for discussion questions.


  • What is "normal" regarding infections in children
  • Facts about bacteria, viruses, antibiotics and resistance
  • Common childhood infections - Case studies including common cold, runny nose, cough, ear infections, fever and eye infection
  • Stay at home or return to pre-school?


“Children, infections and antibiotics” was produced and implemented by the local Strama group in the Region of Halland and Child Health Centre (CHC), Amadeus Clinic in Halmstad in 2009. It was introduced to 51 Child Health Centres in the region. The implementation and usefulness of the programme was assessed by a survey in 2010. A total of 87 % of CHC in Halland had used the program, and 77 % used it on a regular basis. The CHC nurses found the programme accurate and easy to use, a satisfaction-rate of 99 %. Nurses reported that parents gained important information, awareness and confidence in handling common childhood infections. They also experienced an interactive and dynamic discussion within the parental group. The programme was funded as a project by the national Strama (Swedish Strategic Programme against Antibiotic Resistance) in 2008.

Strama is an advisory body with the remit to assist the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control to provide surveillance of antibiotic use and resistance, and to implement the rational use of antibiotics and development of new knowledge.

Strama collaborates in a network of local Strama-groups in the regions of Sweden.

Read more about Strama.


Contact information

Dept. of Communicable Disease Control, Region of Halland, Sweden

phone: +46 (0)35 - 13 16 07

cellphone: +46 (0)70-644 24 27

e-mail: smittskydd@regionhalland.se

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